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The Peters Group

Peters Group Research Overview

Peters Group – About Us

Our studies in (bio)inorganic and organometallic chemistry emphasize new concepts for catalysis, electrocatalysis, and photocatalysis to drive important and mechanistically fascinating transformations. These include reactions of biological significance (e.g., N2-to-NH3 conversion), and transformations of consequence to global sustainability and human health (e.g., solar fuels via electrocatalytic CO2 and N2 fixation), including the development of electrocatalytic proton-coupled electron transfer (ePCET) mediators for selective reductions of unsaturated (including organic) substrates. Within each area, we aim to establish and understand what underpins the reactivity patterns we discover, thereby gaining insight into the fundamental principles behind these catalytic transformations. Using a range of spectroscopies and accompanying theoretical studies, we map electronic structures alongside our studies of their corresponding mechanistic pathways.

Diversity is very important to our group. We are committed to training and educating young chemists and to celebrating diverse backgrounds, including racial and ethnic diversity, diversity with respect to gender and sexual orientation, as well as religious diversity. If you are scientifically curious, especially about chemistry, we share a lot in common. Please explore our site and contact us if you are interested.