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T H E   P E T E R S   G R O U P   at   C a l t e c h

Back row (l-r): Jonathan Rittle, Henry Fong, Mark Nesbit, Kareem Hannoun, Gael Ung, Yichen Tan, Trixia Buscagan

Middle row (l-r): Niklas Thompson, Bridget Connor, Miles Johnson, Javier Fajardo Jr., Meaghan Deegan, Ryan Ribson

Front Row (l-r): Jonas Peters, Trevor Del Castillo, Joe Ahn, Gerri Roberts, David Lacy, Tanvi Ratani, Gregory Harlow, Sid Cruetz, Tzu-Pin Lin

We mourn the passing of our dear, sweet,
talented friend and colleague, Gregory Harlow.
May he rest in peace.

Jonas C. Peters
Caltech Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
1200 E. California Blvd.
MC 101-20
Pasadena, CA 91125
Phone: 626-395-4036
Email: jpeters@caltech.edu

Laboratory phone: 626-395-3113